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1. Eligible for One Free Event (like Summer Picnic or Similar) during the year

2. Eligible to Vote at the end of term for choosing Officers of VeTA

3. Eligible for getting additional Discounts for Online Advertisements on VeTA Website

4. Eligible for promoting Non-Commercial Ads (Classifieds etc) on VeTA Website

5. Eligible for getting an Annual Gift from VeTA.

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If Payment Option other than "PayPal" is selected, Payments can be sent to the below address.
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Event Entry Fee although nominal, is required for VeTA Annual Event. Please see below for pricing

Member Event Fee:
Family ($20 Membership)      : $15.00
Individual($10 Membership) : $   5.00
Student (Requires ID)             : $ FREE

Subscribing Membership Via Paypal, requires the above form to be filled & submitted before proceeding to click PayPal button below 

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* Please bring cash for RAFFLE tickets.  Please check eVite for more details.