AP Flood Relief Clothes Drive - October 2009

Recently, several floods caused havoc in Southern India (Andhra & Karnataka). Vegas Telugu Association is teaming up with NATS to collect Donations and fly it over to much needed areas in Southern India. The donations will be collected from today through next Saturday (10/17/09). 

1.      Donate only those supplies (clothes, towels, blankets, shoes) that are in good condition i.e. those that you can use yourself.
2.      Sort the supplies by type and pack them in boxes.  Each box cannot weigh more than 40 lbs and each dimension of the box cannot exceed 30 inches (H, W, L).
3.      Write your name, address, city, state, zip and number on boxes
4.      If you bring cloths in   plastic bags we will arrange boxes.

Drop-off locations in Vegas: Hindu Temple of Las Vegas.1701 Sageberry Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

In one short week, the community donated over 2,000 lbs of good quality clothing and other non-perishable goods.  All the donated items collected were shipped via FedEx to New York to the North American Telugu Society warehouse in New York.  All the boxes will be shipped as cargo on Air India and Jet Airways.